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Model: 849728
  • Delivers consistent screw pressure to manufacturer's specs
  • Comes with 10 hex bits
  • Will operate with any 1/4" drive hex bit
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Model: 849723
  • Hammer with brass and plastic faces
  • Includes eight steel punches to fit just about any pin
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Model: 849724
  • Simple to use and extremely reliable way to level crosshairs
  • High-strength magnets securely grip
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Model: 849717
  • 36 pieces address the most common gunsmith needs
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Model: 849719
  • Robust 88-piece set for the most advanced and accomplished gunsmiths
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Model: 849726
  • Laps 30mm scope rings to guarantee perfect alignment for no-stress scope mounting.
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Model: 849272
  • For use when mounting scopes and bases to assure continued accuracy
  • Prevents shock and vibration from loosening screws
  • Loosens easily with basic hand tools
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Model: 849718
  • 77-piece kit for just about any at-home maintenance work
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Model: 849721
  • Include torque wrench, SureThread™, common bits and level system
  • Deluxe Kit includes 1-inch lapping bar, alignment pins and lapping compound
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